Like most men, I have been interested in cars since I was a small boy.


At one time I started a ‘collection’ sport cars from the 70ies and had Lotus, Morgan, Triumph, Mercedes, Porsche Ferrari and others. However I found that driving them to the limit on the road was both expensive and dangerous. And this got me introduced to real track racing.


I started out in some fairly modern formula racing and really enjoyed that. However the various classes were quite competitive and I was still struggling with the basic stuff. Also with my interest in classic sport cars it was natural to start up in historic racing.


My first historic real racing car was a totally original Lotus 17 with full international racing history since new. That definitely confirmed that historic racing was something for me. However I was very attracted to formula cars and for me the choice was simple: Formula Junior. Please se www.lurani.co.uk for more details.


The first Formula Junior I purchased was a 1963 Merlyn mk. 5. I found the car in Sweden where it had been raced first as a Formula Junior, then as a F3 and when I bought it, it was fitted with a 1600 Formula Ford engine. We quickly took the car back to its original engine configuration, got the necessary FIA-documents and started racing. My then mechanic was not used to the very fine and detailed aspects of a small capacity engine running at high revs so the engine blew up early on. In search for a new engine I came into contact with Arnoldo C Cappa in Monaco.


Arnoldo Cappa had raced first a Stanguillini and then a Lotus 22 for several years. The Lotus 22 was originally prepared by Alan Baillie. The engine was looked after by an Italian specialist. Arnoldo had raced the car very successfully in mostly French and Italian raced. With the Lotus 22 Arnoldo had a spare engine that I was interested in, but when I saw the Lotus 22 I ended up buying both engine and car.


Please look for more details. At this point please note that I raced the Lotus 22 for almost 10 years finishing more than 50 races and won the class in FIA Lurani Championship 2003. Also the car was invited to the First Monaco Grandprix Historique and to Goodwood Revival.


At some point I decided that I also wanted to have a front engine Formula Junior. I looked a many cars with many configurations. I preferred something with a Ford engine because it would be easier to maintain both cars if they had the same engine. I went to Switzerland to inspect a very good Lola mk. 2 but came back with a beautiful 1959 OSCA. It was a fantastic car. I did some races with it but as most will know the cars with Fiat engine are not the most competitive and back then they did not have a separate class. I did get an invitation to both Monaco and Goodwood with the OSCA.


At a race meeting on Zolder in Belgium one of my boys saw the Mallock U2 that was then driven by David Stevenson. My boy found that a U2 was a cool junior because it looked like no other car. I argued that the OSCA was the most beautiful Formula Junior that had ties back to Masarati etc., but in coolness the U2 won.


There are in my opinion only two Mallock U2 that are genuine Formula Junior (and the Stevenson car is not one of them). One was in Switzerland and the other is still in USA with John Street


In 2003 I became the very happy owner of the first Mallock U2 1960. The car was different from both the OSCA and the Lotus 22 both in driving and in looks. It was The Beauties vs. The Beast.


I have been racing the Mallock U2 ever since. I had it to Monaco and to Goodwood twice. I won the FIA Lurani Championship 2004 both in class and overall. In 2005 I won in a class.


As a supplement to Formula Junior racing I kept racing the Lotus 17 and took the car to the Oldtimer Granprix at Nurburgring. I sold the car in 2008 and it is now in Germany


I also purchased a fantastic Lotus 23B restored/prepared by specialist Urban Fasler, Switzerland. It is a Lotus 22 with a body and a 1600cc twin cam engine. I did not get to race that car a lot but we did get a class win during the Six Hours at Spa Belgium.


I have always been attracted to sport car racing, and when I got the unique opportunity to acquire an absolutely original Lola 492 Sports 2000 I went for it. It is a great handling and very reliable car. I used it for some sprint races but mostly for endurance races including 6-hours on Nurburgring. I shared the car with my faithful mechanic Per Plannthin who has been working on all the cars for more than fifteen years and without whom none of it would have been possible. He also shared the Lotus 23 when we took a class win at Spa. I later sold the car, and I know that it has changed hands since.


After a full rebuild by Formula Junior specialist Tony Steel, UK I was invited with the Merlyn mk. 5 to Goodwood. The car was too narrow for me and I was not comfortable in it. I sold the car and it did Monaco the year after.


After having acquired the Mallock U2 I hardly did a race in the OSCA. It found a new home, but I have seen it a various races throughout Europe including Goodwood.


I still have some road sport cars that I occasionally take for a spin on a sunny day. But I have come to realize that I will not be driving the Lotus 22 competitively again. To be quite truthful I have grown over shoulders and belly whereas the Lotus has stayed in the same fantastic shape it has always been


Also it has now been a few years that I had the Lola on the track. We had it already last year but some came up in the very last minute. You know the story.


Please look further on the details on the Lotus 22 and the Lola 492.


I have also put up details on my 1960 Porsche 356B and 1972 Masarati Indy 4.9. Both I have owned the cars for more than 20 years. The Porsche have just been completely restored. They too are ready to go if the right offer comes along.